Wednesday, 7 March 2018

White pages – one of the best yellow pages directory

As more and more people come out daily on the internet with a curious mind and a need to find anything in the world, White pages – one of the best yellow page directories

helps people find people. It also helps you find all kinds of information about any person.

Founded in 1997, Whitepages was nothing but a hobby for Alex Algard who was then a student of Stanford. However, today Whitepages has data of more than 90% of the US population, who are adults, which includes not only business listings but also records pertaining to people.
Services provided by Whitepages are:
Online directory service
  Public Record background checks

            Fraud Screening and Identity Verification for businesses
Facts about Whitepages, which makes it best
Database: The fact, which makes Whitepages the best is its database which is the largest database available on contact information for residents of US and businesses. It has over 15 million records on business listings and 200 million on people.
 Source of Data: The data collected is through telecom companies, public records available, property deeds, etc.
User-Friendly: We all know that sometimes data, which is available in public, is not correct or old. Nevertheless, Whitepages lets its users to not only correct and update their information on the website.
 The Hiya App: Formerly known as WhitesPages Called ID app, The Hiya App is an Android app, which lets the user check incoming calls and lets them know if it is a spam. The user can also report the spam numbers toFederal Trade Commission.In addition, this app is Ad free, making it user-friendly.
 WhitePages Pro: WhitePages Pro lets the user check and verifies sales lead, it can also find fake forms and also alert them against frauds.

 Localicious App: It is a local search engine app, which lets the user find anything in the neighbourhood, be it people or any commercial place. It helps you get aware of your neighbour and not only that it lets you customize the area and distance for the search.

Search Email addresses: Unlike many search engines which provides data on only people and business listings, Whitepages also lets you search e-mail Id listed and registered anywhere on the internet. However, this is available only to the user is registered with Whitepages first.

 No. of users: One way to find out if the company is trustful or not, is to look at the no. of users. Whitepages has over 50 million visitors every month, which are unique and over 2 billion searches each month, which tells us how extensive their reach is.

Although privacy is one of the concerns of Whitepages users, as we can see from above Whitepages has nothing but expanded its way as a startup successfully in the market because of its large database as well as good user feedback.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Marketing on the web

Marketing on the web

Marketing on the web will always be on two factors…..

How do you Project your product or service to the search engines and targeted audiences

How do you put efforts in making your visitors stay on your page for more than 30seconds?

"The above two will impact your sales and in the conversions."

What we do?

We at right SEO services design absolute result oriented digital strategy and apply with all our expertise in delivering short term and long term excellent results considering your ROI right from the day One.  

Sign up for a contract with us today!

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Seo services for small business

SEO services for small and medium businesses should always focus on two things
How they can apply growth hacking techniques in Paid campaigns with generating leads
How they can rank well in search engines or improve their search engine result position.

SEO Strategy from Right SEO Services

We strongly believe that with the combination of Paid and organic campaigns we can quickly get results and increase conversions for your business.

Our Past Experiences

We have been given a task from an overseas educational consultant in Hyderabad to generate leads from students who are interested to study in Canada for their Post graduation levels.

Our challenges
We had to produce results only from organic and no budget was allocated for paid campaigns

How we have delivered results
We have created an image with appealing content and Posted in few groups of facebook.


54 students have responded to our campaign and 34 student applications have been processed where the overseas education consultant got a tremendous profit within a week. (Most of the overseas education professionals might know)

“Sign a contract with us and reach your goal. We define SEO in terms of productivity…”

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Internet marketing agency with immaculate results

Internet marketing or online marketing does not mean you have to go only with Paid advertising alone. But you will also need to build a brand/product/service with calculated strategies and deadlines and build inexpensive relationships with targeted customers.

Most of us believe that Internet marketing stops at paid campaigns but Internet marketing is a wide term which can be addressed for so many queries like relationship building, conversion strategies, appealing content marketing ideas, negotiation marketing skills and so on…

Right SEO services a premium Internet marketing company with a clear focus on two things, identify the target customers and develop unique organic methods to reach them and finally build a strategy in developing relationships and improve visibility. We get results with impressive visual presentations and attractive content strategy.

Sign a contract with us and improve your website visibility with more customers and expand your reach on the web.

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Premium Digital Marketing agency

Right SEO services is a premier digital marketing agency and a trusted partner for your business with producing immaculate results consistently Right from the day One with improving conversions.

We reduce your investment in Marketing with bringing down your ROI within a short period of time.
Our digital strategies are proven and backed with 20+ Years of expertise in traditional marketing which makes us far better than others in understanding the user behaviour

“Sign a contract with us and improve your website visibility with more customers and dominate your competitors!

Why Right SEO Services?

Active in Digital Marketing from 2011
Backed with 20 Years of Traditional Marketing experience working with various Industries like FMCG, Healthcare, Education, Consumer durables, Renewable energies and Automobile

How Much SEO Services cost? 

Right SEO Services always tries to offer cost-effective and ROI based SEO Services with absolutely win to win Business Model. Our Pricing will range from 200$ Pm onwards 

Do visit my Social Profiles
*The above Link showcases my content writing ability
*Slideshare presentations showcase my ability in creating Presentations

What we can handle in Digital Marketing?

On Page Optimization
Metadata, Descriptive ALT Tags and Header Tags
Implementing Structure data, Twitter cards, Breadcrumb navigation
Analyze thematic silo structure, content development with search intent
Protection with SSL certifications, DMCA, Removal of spam Backlinks
Reducing JavaScript and CSS errors, URL rewriting, Remove broken links
Reduce 404, 301 errors and resolve 500 errors
Implement internal link structure with thematic descriptive keyword phrases
Audit XML Sitemap, robots.txt file, webmaster tools (Google and Bing)
Audit Html pages with implementing AMP

* We ensure once we audit your website applying on Page factors, your website will increase its visibility by 400%

Off Page Optimization

Keyword research and content development for various submissions
Analyze competitor Backlinks and focus on Building traffic driven Backlinks
Participate in forums and Q&A sites.
Improve citation Links with yellow pages, Business directories and classified submissions.
Create No follow Backlinks with Images, PowerPoint presentations, Infographics and Videos.
Social bookmarking submissions with High quality 40 sites with Tier 1 Method.
Commenting on Blogs, videos with unbiased content

* Our Backlinks will make your website dominate in search engines with all your Desired Keywords within 3 months and dominate your competitors

Social Media
Active participation in 4 social networks with a decent tool to identify the targeted audience, create a strategy in building relationships, apply viral methods with proper Hashtags, explore influential tags for video aggregation.

Steps we apply to Increase visibility in social media
Create and audit pages, accounts in popular social networks
Auditing includes design, content, keyword research
Identify the target audience and create a Strategy to build relationships
Email gathering in social networks
Explore influential tags and use of hashtags
Running targeted paid campaigns for lead-based conversions and driving traffic to the website
Create and run a contest
Video and social network embed to drive more traffic to the channels.
Integrate with CRM and Social Media tools to explore influential viral strategies from time to time.
 List of Social networks we handle

Search engine Marketing
Create effective campaigns in social Networks, Press releases, Native advertising, CPC Networks, Viral Campaigns, Lead-Based Campaigns, Growth hacking Models

App Store Optimization
Create a strategy to drive maximum downloads with integrating reliable partners, Paid campaigns and Applicable native advertising.

Tools we are acquainted with

For Keyword Research
Keywords everywhere
Keyword planner

For On page Audits & Backlink Audits
Webmaster tools
Google analytics

For Content Development

For Social Media
Hoot suite
Post planner
Social ADR
Buzz stream
Intelligence search
Only wire
Tube buddy

For web analysis
Woo rank
Similar web
Seo majestic

"Reach us for any of the above expert services and we will apply our potential to the best!"

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Digital marketing agency

Digital marketing company

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Increase your eCommerce sales with international buyers!

Increase visitors to your e-commerce store 

Most of us believe that by adding our products in popular marketplaces like Amazon and flip kart will bring desired sales every month, but actually, that’s a big no!
Reasons you wanted to know

1. You will find lot of vendors spread across various regions selling the same products
2.  2. Unless you are unique with your product, price, ratings, reviews you cannot exceed in sales
      3. Very hard to get international shoppers for your product as the marketplaces mostly optimize the products based on the country vendors, there is a paid campaign option for that as well but its difficult to desired results.

Now let me show you an example 

 Though myntra is coming on the 1st organic position we can also see a new website called “”

This site has built itself nicely with few keywords but with international presence

So with this example, you can wipe out one thing from your minds if you are thinking that “we cannot dominate popular marketplaces as we are new and small”

Right SEO Services has expertise in bringing desired results in a short time with quality link building and relevant off page optimization methods and bring more customers to your e-commerce store by more sales and customers

What do we do?

Create a long-term and short-term plan for your e-commerce store for single and multiple countries

Analyze keyword research and develop awesome content for your products and make sure that your content is not copied

Give indications to the search engines and your buyers that your website is secured for shopping and also make sure that your e-commerce store follows 100% accuracy in on page audit

Identify the leads from social media and make sure that your campaign CTR is reduced with targeted reach strategies.

Improve organic results for all your products and rank well in search engines for a longer period of time

Projects we have done earlier

Do watch our video

Best SEO Services 

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Online marketing for doctors| Medical Practice SEO

SEO for Medical Practitioners 

Healthcare Search engine optimization 

has become vital nowadays for a doctor to establish himself proven among the patient community.

Every established doctor will have trusted community of patients who are his word of mouth in spreading his profile and build his reputation. But how you do you measure?

Every Doctor will have his success stories in performing critical surgery tasks. Where these are published?

Every Doctor will have certain skill sets in his department. But how do you spread this message?

We at right SEO services offer healthcare SEO services to doctors and hospitals, our unique approach to medical marketing will give long-lasting positive results and establish trust and goodwill.

Medical SEO is not about building a simple profile in social networks and in paid marketplaces like just dial and practo. In fact, there should be a continuous and strategic effort to establish trust with the online community and spread relationships.

While choosing healthcare seo companies, doctors and hospitals should understand what is that medical seo can offer to their institutions and how long-lasting results will appear on the web with staying ahead of competitors

Sign up a contract with Right SEO Services for Medical practice SEO and reach your potential patients who are missing your services online

With best regards
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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Start earning 12 lakhs+ per year from google ad sense!

Right SEO services follows the right way

Join hands with us and start earning from 20,000$ per year for 5 years with simple strategies,

Ad Sense Proposal 

1. we will create a Blog, Publish 5000 articles in the span of 6 months and allow others to Post guest post and convert the blog in to multiple languages

2. Protect the website with SSL and from article theft

3. Optimize each article and make sure that it ranks well in search engines

4. contact with the Brands and publish advertisements in the blog

5. share 50% of the revenue to you for 5 years

What you need to do? 

Invest 500$ PM for One year and enjoy the profits for rest of the four years

What are our skills?

I have been into Digital marketing from past 6 years with a proven expertise in ranking eCommerce stores, Blogs and other educational websites. with a small team of freelance content writers. I have ranked eCommerce stores of fashion apparel within 90 days for 600+ products.

Now let us examine the problems arise from increasing earnings from adsense or any other CPC partners?

Most of the bloggers do not focus on search engine optimization methods to rank their blog.

SEO agencies will find difficult to generate revenue from ad sense as they do not have quality content writers in their team.

"Money will come directly to your account right from the first month if you have an approved ad sense/google and bing or Facebook audience network account 

"Know the magic of earning a stable revenue from google ad sense with quality and Unique content"

Our Offer!

We have the capability of building unique and appealing articles on any industry 

"We have a full proof plan of successful strategy of developing finest articles on any topic which are easily passed in copyscape and appealing" 

"Each article will bring a Monthly traffic of minimum 1000 visitors for each article- this is our assurance" 

Who we are looking for?

We are looking for like minded partners who understand the term ad sense and capable of investing a low working capital.
It’s a Limited opportunity we are not looking more than 5 members
Interested can call me on Sundays only on whats app  917842507153

* Right Now we have started working on the following given below industry topics

Project 1
1. careers
2. science
3. Movie reviews
4. entertainment
5. How to

Project 2

Informative education directory

*We are digital marketing experts! We have required skills to make a website rank in search engines for all the competitive keywords and increase the traffic to 10 million visitors per month


How long will i earn from this program?

we will enter into a contract for 5 years

Please feel free to communicate for any other clarifications

With best regards
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Monday, 30 May 2016

Rank your website Higher in search engines with safe


Myths about SEO?

If we spend regularly on Google ad words SEO is taken care of them and we will start ranking in search engines…

There are a lot of auto submission tools available in the market for content aggregation in social networks…

It’s very difficult to rank for high competitive keyword…..

A lot of time needs to be spent to achieve results organically….

We can rank easily by any keyword if we Build backlinks – More backlinks and more ranking………

Now let’s understand few things below!

What is search engine optimization?
Search engine optimization is a method of ranking high in search engines consistently following the rules of search engines and at the same time understanding user behaviour with flexible enough to adjust as per their choice of navigation.

How to do search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is done in two ways

One Page optimization: meticulously following the methods guided by search engines and showcasing the website to users with their preferred choice of navigation, required information in each webpage, relevant call to action buttons which makes them to stay in WebPages for more than 30 seconds.

Developing content marketing strategy with applying relevant off page optimization methods with an objective to generate traffic driven backlinks.

How we work?

Understand your website and goals
Complete SEO Audit with minimizing errors in your website
Apply rich snippets and structured data, descriptive ALT Tags, Header tags, Metadata, twitter cards and more….
Edit content in your WebPages with ensuring high-quality appealing content
Research keyword intent and apply LSI in content development
Identify your target audience
Collect and understand your best competitor Backlinks and develop a strategy to outrank your competitors with state of art link building methods.
Check for any penalties and prepare strategies to overcome

“We guarantee that after our on-page optimization your website will be visible on search engines with most of your desired Keywords”

Best off page optimization methods we apply in 2018

Participation in forums, social networks and Q&A sites
Improve citation links with building links with best yellow pages, classified submissions and business directories.
Commenting on blogs, video channels, PPT channels with unbiased content and thought-provoking descriptions.

Sign a contract with Right SEO Services and rank your website higher in search engines with safe!

Feel free to email us with your requirements and we are there 24 X 7

With Best regards,
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Monday, 23 May 2016

Most Popular Image to Video converter websites

Image to Video conversion sites list

Trusted and active list of best tools which will convert images/photos to video with a lot of visual effects and most are free, we have done a thorough research and identified the best tools below. Enjoy while creating stunning presentations and videos

Most Popular Press release sites

List of Best press release sites 

We have identified the best list of Paid and free press release sites for you. 

Do remember as per search engine guidelines when you select this submission and post your website links to make sure that you have a no follow anchor text. 

Submitting to press releases more than once in a year unless you have news published daily or weekly will lead to search engine penalty.

If you are a news agency and would like to use this service make sure that you have added structured data to a relevant schema.

Most Popular Image submission sites

"Do find a verified and well-researched image submission sites which will improve your organic results dramatically if you are aware of how you are good at using this method of submissions."

5 Highly reliable Q & A sites

Why should we use Q& A sites for SERP? Because a tremendous flow of targeted visitors will come to your website with this awesome technique. 

Now your next worry would be on how to pass moderators while participation? Simple participate with unbiased content and make it appealing so that readers will follow your website. 

If you are not sure on how to do this effectively and no time for a continuous participation just contact us and we will do it at a cost-effective price per month.

Most Popular Video Submission sites

Why should we have a variety of video submission sites when we have YouTube?

Every video submission channel has their own source of traffic and dominates search results in specific geographic locations where Google cannot reach in those places. 

If you would like to know more about video submission method for ranking your videos and have an objective of increasing traffic to your website with video promotion organically, contact us for best video submission services.

Most Popular PPT Submission sites

Why powerpoint presentations are required? This method will have a long-lasting effect on the targeted customers where they will have a chance to understand your product or service. 

Most of the online shoppers spend a good time in pre-sale research. Find the best list of most popular PowerPoint submission sites and do contact us if you are not sure on how it works and do not have time to create stunning presentations.

100+ Most Popular Social Networking sites

Exploring Social networking sites – ways to reach a global audience

Today, getting anything and everything, from anywhere around the world has become way easier than ever. From a business point of view, you can now reach a global audience not only through a website but through various other digital channels.
One such channel is the social networking sites. Reaching to a wide range of audience increases the sale of your product or service.

Here’s some help on exploring Social networking sites to reach a global audience.

Popular Social Networks

Digital Actions that Convert into Sales on Social Media

Your social posts and interactions with the followers/prospective buyers also make a huge impact on the sale conversion. So knowing how to behave and what to post on social media is of high importance as this directly reflects your brand’s image and consequently influences social media users to buy through your social page.
According to a survey, these are the 7 factors which contribute to a large user engagement and sales conversion through social media platforms in the past few years.

Being responsive:

Social media, thanks to its wide reach, is quickly becoming a customer service platform, where customers seek out answers, that to answers that can be gotten quickly and in real time. So if you do not respond to a customer’s query within minutes, chances of customer drop become higher.

Offering Promotions

Giving added benefits or extra benefits to your customers by offering deals and discounts will make the customer experience more delightful.

Educational content:

Social media users love to know something fresh about your brand. Always share educational yet informative content with the user on a regular basis.


Infographics are visually appealing and are loved by social media users. In fact, it keeps your potential customer engagement with the brand.

Being funny:

Funny, sarcastic and witty content is a big hit. Try to mix your content with a sense of humour and your post will become viral in no time.

Offering exclusive content:

Provide the users something that others are not offering.

Behind the scenes content

28% user conversion has been noticed when business pages share behind the scenes content and footage. Hence, give the people a glimpse of the process that goes on in making the products/services.

With each passing day, business interaction is happening over social channels rather than telephonic or face to face. Hence, it’s time to dive into it and reap maximum advantage to expand your business globally.

Most Popular Article directories

Article directory submission method is almost dead? Partially true the reason behind is search engines like Google and Bing are tired of duplicate content and almost overloaded their servers.

Now, what should we do with the below listed popular article submission sites? 
Create a unique content marketing strategy and use the below list to outrank your competitors and improve your SERP. Not sure on how to do this? Contact us we are there with better digital marketing strategies.