Monday, 23 May 2016

100+ Most Popular Social Networking sites

Exploring Social networking sites – ways to reach a global audience

Today, getting anything and everything, from anywhere around the world has become way easier than ever. From a business point of view, you can now reach a global audience not only through a website but through various other digital channels.
One such channel is the social networking sites. Reaching to a wide range of audience increases the sale of your product or service.

Here’s some help on exploring Social networking sites to reach a global audience.

Popular Social Networks

Digital Actions that Convert into Sales on Social Media

Your social posts and interactions with the followers/prospective buyers also make a huge impact on the sale conversion. So knowing how to behave and what to post on social media is of high importance as this directly reflects your brand’s image and consequently influences social media users to buy through your social page.
According to a survey, these are the 7 factors which contribute to a large user engagement and sales conversion through social media platforms in the past few years.

Being responsive:

Social media, thanks to its wide reach, is quickly becoming a customer service platform, where customers seek out answers, that to answers that can be gotten quickly and in real time. So if you do not respond to a customer’s query within minutes, chances of customer drop become higher.

Offering Promotions

Giving added benefits or extra benefits to your customers by offering deals and discounts will make the customer experience more delightful.

Educational content:

Social media users love to know something fresh about your brand. Always share educational yet informative content with the user on a regular basis.


Infographics are visually appealing and are loved by social media users. In fact, it keeps your potential customer engagement with the brand.

Being funny:

Funny, sarcastic and witty content is a big hit. Try to mix your content with a sense of humour and your post will become viral in no time.

Offering exclusive content:

Provide the users something that others are not offering.

Behind the scenes content

28% user conversion has been noticed when business pages share behind the scenes content and footage. Hence, give the people a glimpse of the process that goes on in making the products/services.

With each passing day, business interaction is happening over social channels rather than telephonic or face to face. Hence, it’s time to dive into it and reap maximum advantage to expand your business globally.

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