Thursday, 10 November 2016

Start earning 12 lakhs+ per year from google ad sense!

Right SEO services follows the right way

Join hands with us and start earning from 20,000$ per year for 5 years with simple strategies,

Ad Sense Proposal 

1. we will create a Blog, Publish 5000 articles in the span of 6 months and allow others to Post guest post and convert the blog in to multiple languages

2. Protect the website with SSL and from article theft

3. Optimize each article and make sure that it ranks well in search engines

4. contact with the Brands and publish advertisements in the blog

5. share 50% of the revenue to you for 5 years

What you need to do? 

Invest 500$ PM for One year and enjoy the profits for rest of the four years

What are our skills?

I have been into Digital marketing from past 6 years with a proven expertise in ranking eCommerce stores, Blogs and other educational websites. with a small team of freelance content writers. I have ranked eCommerce stores of fashion apparel within 90 days for 600+ products.

Now let us examine the problems arise from increasing earnings from adsense or any other CPC partners?

Most of the bloggers do not focus on search engine optimization methods to rank their blog.

SEO agencies will find difficult to generate revenue from ad sense as they do not have quality content writers in their team.

"Money will come directly to your account right from the first month if you have an approved ad sense/google and bing or Facebook audience network account 

"Know the magic of earning a stable revenue from google ad sense with quality and Unique content"

Our Offer!

We have the capability of building unique and appealing articles on any industry 

"We have a full proof plan of successful strategy of developing finest articles on any topic which are easily passed in copyscape and appealing" 

"Each article will bring a Monthly traffic of minimum 1000 visitors for each article- this is our assurance" 

Who we are looking for?

We are looking for like minded partners who understand the term ad sense and capable of investing a low working capital.
It’s a Limited opportunity we are not looking more than 5 members
Interested can call me on Sundays only on whats app  917842507153

* Right Now we have started working on the following given below industry topics

Project 1
1. careers
2. science
3. Movie reviews
4. entertainment
5. How to

Project 2

Informative education directory

*We are digital marketing experts! We have required skills to make a website rank in search engines for all the competitive keywords and increase the traffic to 10 million visitors per month


How long will i earn from this program?

we will enter into a contract for 5 years

Please feel free to communicate for any other clarifications

With best regards
Skype – theschoolworld
Mobile 7842507153
Email –

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