Saturday, 13 May 2017

Increase your eCommerce sales with international buyers!

Increase visitors to your e-commerce store 

Most of us believe that by adding our products in popular marketplaces like Amazon and flip kart will bring desired sales every month, but actually, that’s a big no!
Reasons you wanted to know

1. You will find lot of vendors spread across various regions selling the same products
2.  2. Unless you are unique with your product, price, ratings, reviews you cannot exceed in sales
      3. Very hard to get international shoppers for your product as the marketplaces mostly optimize the products based on the country vendors, there is a paid campaign option for that as well but its difficult to desired results.

Now let me show you an example 

 Though myntra is coming on the 1st organic position we can also see a new website called “”

This site has built itself nicely with few keywords but with international presence

So with this example, you can wipe out one thing from your minds if you are thinking that “we cannot dominate popular marketplaces as we are new and small”

Right SEO Services has expertise in bringing desired results in a short time with quality link building and relevant off page optimization methods and bring more customers to your e-commerce store by more sales and customers

What do we do?

Create a long-term and short-term plan for your e-commerce store for single and multiple countries

Analyze keyword research and develop awesome content for your products and make sure that your content is not copied

Give indications to the search engines and your buyers that your website is secured for shopping and also make sure that your e-commerce store follows 100% accuracy in on page audit

Identify the leads from social media and make sure that your campaign CTR is reduced with targeted reach strategies.

Improve organic results for all your products and rank well in search engines for a longer period of time

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