Wednesday, 7 March 2018

White pages – one of the best yellow pages directory

As more and more people come out daily on the internet with a curious mind and a need to find anything in the world, White pages – one of the best yellow page directories

helps people find people. It also helps you find all kinds of information about any person.

Founded in 1997, Whitepages was nothing but a hobby for Alex Algard who was then a student of Stanford. However, today Whitepages has data of more than 90% of the US population, who are adults, which includes not only business listings but also records pertaining to people.
Services provided by Whitepages are:
Online directory service
  Public Record background checks

            Fraud Screening and Identity Verification for businesses
Facts about Whitepages, which makes it best
Database: The fact, which makes Whitepages the best is its database which is the largest database available on contact information for residents of US and businesses. It has over 15 million records on business listings and 200 million on people.
 Source of Data: The data collected is through telecom companies, public records available, property deeds, etc.
User-Friendly: We all know that sometimes data, which is available in public, is not correct or old. Nevertheless, Whitepages lets its users to not only correct and update their information on the website.
 The Hiya App: Formerly known as WhitesPages Called ID app, The Hiya App is an Android app, which lets the user check incoming calls and lets them know if it is a spam. The user can also report the spam numbers toFederal Trade Commission.In addition, this app is Ad free, making it user-friendly.
 WhitePages Pro: WhitePages Pro lets the user check and verifies sales lead, it can also find fake forms and also alert them against frauds.

 Localicious App: It is a local search engine app, which lets the user find anything in the neighbourhood, be it people or any commercial place. It helps you get aware of your neighbour and not only that it lets you customize the area and distance for the search.

Search Email addresses: Unlike many search engines which provides data on only people and business listings, Whitepages also lets you search e-mail Id listed and registered anywhere on the internet. However, this is available only to the user is registered with Whitepages first.

 No. of users: One way to find out if the company is trustful or not, is to look at the no. of users. Whitepages has over 50 million visitors every month, which are unique and over 2 billion searches each month, which tells us how extensive their reach is.

Although privacy is one of the concerns of Whitepages users, as we can see from above Whitepages has nothing but expanded its way as a startup successfully in the market because of its large database as well as good user feedback.


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